Statutes: 141-C:20-a Immunization & 141-C:20-c Exemptions

New Hampshire’s childhood vaccine requirements are statutory (state law) and there is statutory provision for religious exemption. Schools cannot issue vaccination requirements. They cannot issue restrictions, conditions, or contradictions to state law. They must abide by state law.

▪️We have grave concerns about the overreach and implications of the newest exemption form released by the NH Department of Health & Human Services, and do not recommend using (intentionally not providing it herein!).
▪️Sign a form. This can be done by using the old form and crossing off/skipping the notarization item. Or give us a few more days as we may be creating a form that will be posted here.
▪️This is all you need to cover the requirements as stated in statute:

  1. child’s name
  2. “..has not been immunized because of religious beliefs.”
  3. sign & date

▪️Zero other additional information, implications, or explanations are required under statute. Notarization is no longer needed. It may be helpful for you to keep several original signed copies on hand for each child.


Statute: RSA 200:32 Physical Examination of Pupils

Religious exemption entails simply objecting in writing. Use the verbiage from statute.

  1. child’s name
  2. “..such physical examination is contrary to the child’s religious tenets and teachings.”  (use verbiage from actual statute)
  3. sign & date


Administrative Code: He-C4003.38 Required Health Information

Camps and daycares are sorted out in the New Hampshire Administrative Code and Statutes as above. Vaccination exemption falls under RSA 141-C:20-c.
Learn your rights and follow the instructions for exemption above.


▪️Submit your exemption form to the school or organization’s administration or health official. There is no need to offer further information or to explain your religious convictions in this matter. The best approach is intentionally brief, direct, and without further explanation. Your personal beliefs are not subject to scrutiny by school nurses or other officials. Do not be intimidated by the position someone holds.

▪️When it comes to submitting exemption forms to any entity, remember, it is not a request. You are merely asserting your rights. Every single time a parent accepts discrimination against their child from a school, daycare, or camp, a bite is taken out of the strength of exemptions.

▪️Know your rights and do not accept anything less. If you are not comfortable with reading legislation, there is no time like the present and these are very straightforward. We have provided the text for you, as well as links to view the relevant legislation on state websites.

▪️ If you don’t know your rights, some schools and daycares will take advantage of that. Read the statutes (posted on this page). It is important to know that nurses, administrators and other officials do not have jurisdiction over the law or your religious convictions. 

▪️It is crucial that we vote for representation in NH that will protect our rights in matters like this one. It is also important to stay involved and to hold representation accountable. Please don’t take it for granted, stand firm in your rights, and report any infringement that you encounter.


 Please submit questions or concerns that arise. email: admin@hfnh.org
 We want to hear about any and every case of infringement, and please call your State Rep and Senator too.

applicable statutes text: