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Medical Freedom Protest — No Forced Injections!

August 7, 2021 - August 14, 2021

This event hosted by 8.3 Leader Group & David L’Heureux

“Mandatory vax are an abomination. This injection isn’t even a vax. this is EXPEREMENTAL medicine being forced onto people or loose. your livelihood.Come stand with me against this act of tyranny. Even if you made the choice to get the injection for yourself, but believe in free will to choose for ones self, please support this movement.

We must confront this beast at its heart, at the main DHMC campus. If we dont stand now, we might as well get into the cattle cars. I for one will not go quietly. Please share this immediately!

Saturday(tomorrow) morning at 8am, we will be joining the plymouth nh flag wavers in front of market basket. We will have a sign making station, and be sharing more details about the progress of this fight there.

Following the flag wave, we will depart and regroup at the main intersection entrance of dart- ON RT 120- the intersection, not the hospital property.

The protest will kick off at noon. We are holding signs and American flags ect. The focus is to get the attention of the employees who are not vax and can become plaintiffs in the lawsuit, before its too late and they fold/vax- not knowing anyone is fighting for them.

This is a NON PARTIZAN MOVEMENT. We already have libertarians, republicans, constitutionalists, liberals, and dems, all donating and joining us.

Pleas do not bring one sided political stuff, and if possible- consider conceal vs open. We cant morally ask for no open carry, we dont have that authority, but in an effort to unite on this biggest issue, we are going to try to not scare away any anti gun folks that would otherwise stand with us.”


August 7, 2021
August 14, 2021