HB 611: abolishing fluoridation in water.
Pending an October 27th committee vote, please write or call now!
Executive Session: 10/27/2021 10:00 a.m. LOB305-307

House Resources Recreation & Development Committee
EMAIL:  HouseResourcesRecreationandDevelopment@leg.state.nh.us
COMMITTEE INFO: Res, Rec, Dev Committe


Ask the committee to vote Ought to Pass (OTP) on 611 to abolish municipal water fluoridation. Keep emails short and simple. Make your points in your own words and try to stay away from the fringe. Keeping our messaging on the right track is key.

▪️“I shouldn’t have to buy an expensive filter to have pure water.”
▪️“If people want fluoride it’s cheap and available at the dentist, in dental products, and in tablet form.”
▪️“My neighbors should not be able to vote to medicate my water.”
▪️“There is no way to control dosages.”

If your local representative happens to be on this committee, write the word ‘constituent‘ in the subject line of your email or mention that when you call. REPS: Find Your Reps

Don’t forget, its easy to follow legislative bills with us at hfnh.org/bills.

more info about fluoridation (but not for this bill action)