THEY SOLD YOU OUT  (information courtesy of RebuildNH)

Executive Council APPROVES sovereignty-destroying $22.5mil contract
Executive Councilors Joe Kenney, Janet Stevens, and Dave Wheeler deserve to be booted from office for their unpublicized and deceitful vote today to give the DHHS money to fund COVID vaccine propaganda and coercion (Ted Gatsas abstained). They reversed their decision about the DHHS $22.5 million slush fund that threatens our state sovereignty, and they think that some weak, limp-wristed non-binding resolution about being against vaccine mandates is going to placate you. (Here’s our original op-ed opposing the funds.)

Why didn’t we know about this BEFORE today? Because they didn’t even put it on the Executive Council meeting agenda.

In the New Hampshire Bulletin’s coverage, RebuildNH treasurer JR Hoell is quoted: “New Hampshire government is no longer setting a good example for transparency. A late item to the Executive Council agenda that was never made public before it was voted on was passed today. This happened without citizens being made aware the item was even going to be on the agenda. This is deceitful. We can do better.”

Sununu is quoted as saying, “We are moving full steam ahead.” They will be using that federal money to inject COVID shots into NH kids, which is dangerous and IMMORAL. Children have ZERO risk of death from COVID, therefore no medical intervention (including this COVID vaccine) can reduce their risk – it only brings the possibility of harm.

Chairman Andrew Manuse, in response to this news, said: “I’m disgusted. Those of us who have jobs, families, and other business to attend to in our lives can’t be watching the people we elect like a hawk every waking minute – you would think that we could trust them to not flip-flop on something this important. These two-faced back-stabbers are going to have to answer to what they’ve done at some point, whether at the ballot box or when they face God.”

This money – just like Obama’s bailouts that started the Tea Party – is a corrupt waste of the American People’s hard-earned dollars. This debt is immorally foisted on our grandchildren who are going to have to pay for this corporate giveaway. And that’s what all this is – corporate welfare for a corrupt industry that has captured and controls all levels of American government. This gross corporatism must stop.

Email the Executive Councilor traitors and tell them what you think of their votes:,,

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We can stop these funds in Fiscal Committee.
This contract still needs to be approved by the Fiscal Committee. Mark your calendar: Their next meeting is Nov. 19, 2021 at 10:00 AM and we want to pack the room at the State House. Details and calls to action forthcoming, but you can get a jump start by emailing the committee and letting them know that you oppose this federal corporate giveaway that threatens our state sovereignty.