There is power in numbers, and we saw that in Concord today!

The NH DHHS had scheduled a hearing for public comments regarding proposed changes to the vaccination registry.

They didn’t expect us to show up like we did, you guys. We filled every seat in the auditorium and there was an overflow of people in the hallways.

They told us that the room was “at capacity” and that no one else would be allowed in. There were individuals standing in the room, and they were told they would need to leave. There were two officers present.


They tried to bargain with us and said that they would hold a second meeting another day for those who couldn’t come inside this afternoon.


People took off work, people got childcare, people drove 30, 60, 90 minutes to show up for this. We weren’t going to just leave those people in the hallway, or tell them to come back. We demanded a bigger room so that all in attendance could be included! We demanded public access for all!

We chanted, we sang, we pledged allegiance to the flag. We were not going anywhere and we were not backing down. We would not submit or comply. We’ve seen where that gets us, haven’t we? Enough is enough. The people in the hallway began to file in and fill the room.

And what happened next? The meeting was canceled! Was it a waste of time? No, not at all. Without the public hearing, they cannot vote on the proposed changes. This buys us more time.

They said they will be rescheduling, and it will be held in a bigger venue next time – as requested! We all need to show up (and bring a friend) when that date and time is announced! Stay tuned.

Everybody who was there today, thank you and well done. I am so proud to stand with all of you. Let’s show up again, and make our voices heard!

– Sarah May