I had the pleasure of being a part of The Rally in Hartford, CT on Tuesday. There was such a sense of togetherness and hope radiating in the air. The news will lie and say there were 500 “crazy parents” there, but I can attest that there were THOUSANDS of people in attendance ranging in age, race & background. It was so wonderful to feel such intense vibrations surrounded by other freedom lovers! Although the outcome didn’t go as we had planned in our favor, I was able to leave there that night with HOPE. Seeing the number of freedom loving Americans willing to take the time to make noise, make signs & be present fills me with happiness and hope that our fight isn’t over. This is just the beginning! Together in numbers we are powerful. Together in numbers we make the elite globalist politicians SCARED. Connecticut isn’t too far from home, and we need to CONTINUE to stand and fight for freedom every chance we can get.