Take back the schools.      

  • Is you local school system forcing masks, pushing experimental shots, and putting the children at risk?
  • Are school boards, administrators or teachers discriminating, ignoring state laws, and federal civil rights laws?
  • Do you know your rights and are you ready to stand up for them?

The public schools are hosting SHOT CLINICS. While there is a typically a requirement for parental consent, please consider the following:

1) they are not giving informed consent with these injections; there is no adequate discussion of risks

2) when declining, there is no guarantee that your child will not get stuck, these “accidents” are happening

3) consider raising awareness awareness, maybe organizing a demonstration at your local school for vaccination days

contact us to collaborate [email protected]Childhood vaccine requirements are statutory (state law) and there is statutory provision for religious exemption. Vaccination requirements are not issued by schools. Schools are just a mechanism to enforce the state law.

1) if you don’t know your rights, some schools and daycares will take advantage of that

2) administrators and nurses do not have jurisdiction over your religious convictions

3) regarding RSA 141-:20-c and pushing back, it’s really quite simple

READ MORE about NH childhood health requirements/exemptions (statutes & forms)1) get involved on the local level – we can help you get connected, no need to go it alone

2) exemptions

3) there are multiple related bills – proposed legislation, follow our bills page

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