NH Vaccination Exemption for Children

Religious exemption process is straightforward.  Simply use the form above and sign it with a notary.

▪️It is submitted to the school or organizations administration or health official.

▪️There is no need to offer any further information, it is a stand alone form.

▪️A notary is needed just to witness your signature. Most banks offer this as a free service.

▪️It may be helpful to have several original copies notarized for each child and keep on hand for school/activities and such.

▪️Please do not feel a need to explain your religious convictions on this matter. Any bully school nurses or others should mind their own business as far as your personal beliefs.

▪️Please contact us with any questions or issues that arise.

New Hampshire RSA 141-C:20-c states that a child may be exempt from required school and child care immunization if:

  • A licensed physician or authorized health care provider certifies that immunization against a particular disease may be detrimental to the child’s health. The exemption shall exist only for the length of time, in the opinion of the physician, such immunization would be detrimental to the child. An exemption from immunization for one disease shall not affect other required immunizations. This is a Medical Exemption.
  • A parent or legal guardian objects to immunization because of religious beliefs. The parent or legal guardian shall sign a notarized form stating that the child has not been immunized because of religious beliefs. This is a Religious Exemption.

To be granted Religious Exemption, the following form is required to be completed and submitted to the appropriate school administrator or school health official.