Health Freedom NH (HFNH) is a local, grassroots organization founded in 2016; incorporated in 2021. We rise to the challenge of improving health and freedom in our community.

Organizers have a strong desire to share information and facilitate awareness, expose and counter government and medical overstep and corruption, motivate efforts and activism, preserve rights  and stop mandates. And we raise awareness of health risks and rights by hosting meet-ups, informative sessions, documentaries and demonstrations.

We foster community and activists. You’ll find us on multiple platforms. #healthfreedomNH
Join us. Help restore health freedom in New Hampshire.
In truth, in health, and in freedom.

➼ make freedom in health choices a NH value

➼ eliminate healthcare/vaccine mandates

➼ abolish fluoridation of NH municipal water

➼ foster involvement in state & local agencies

➼ impact boards, policies, statutes, and rules

➼ strengthen communications; empower community

➼ support/advocate for human rights

➼ restore medical, scientific truth & integrity

➼ provide resources for the community

➼ host demonstrations and protests

➼ support neighboring states health freedoms

➼ create free educational events across the state

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