Health freedom is freedom from medical mandates.informed speech.bodily autonomy.calling for scientific integrity.freedom to choose alternative medicine.medical privacy.

Health Freedom NH (HFNH) is a local, grassroots organization intentionally non-partisan and diverse that was founded in 2016; we incorporated as a non-profit in 2021. We are challenging ourselves and our communities to improve health and freedom.

Join us. Help restore health freedom in New Hampshire.

In truth, in health, and in freedom – #healthfreedomNH


The corporation shall endeavor to:

Advance the cause of health freedom in New Hampshire and nationally.

Support the fundamental human right to bodily integrity. Human beings have the right to refuse unwanted medical interventions and experimentation for any reason or for no reason. Consent to all medical intervention is necessary and must be “prior,” “free,” “informed,” and where possible “express.” “Free” means without financial, emotional and physical coercion, and without loss of civil right or societal benefits from such refusal.

Support the ethical principle of Informed Consent, as first declared in the 1947 Nuremberg Code and further developed in the 2005 Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights.

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Organizers have a strong desire to share information and facilitate awareness, expose and counter government and medical overstep and corruption, motivate efforts and activism, preserve rights  and stop mandates.

We are raising awareness of health risks and rights by hosting meet-ups, informative sessions and documentaries and the like.

To be in the loop- join our email list, check our calendar, and ask how you can help plan events that you want to happen.

We hold demonstrations and protests and encourage involvement in state and local agencies, meetings, boards, and legislation.

We foster community and activists. You’ll find us on multiple platforms. #healthfreedomNH

We offer supportive resources and advocacy and there’s so much more.


➼ abolish fluoridation of New Hampshire public water

➼ eliminate vaccine mandates (& protect pets too)

➼ make freedom in health choices a NH value

➼ support neighboring states defending health freedoms

➼ strengthen communications & build community

➼ create free educational events across the state

➼ support/advocate for human rights

➼ restore medical, scientific truth & integrity

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