We are launching this petition to demand the reinstatement of Bobby Kennedy’s historic speech.
Everyone deserves to see and hear this speech and make up their own minds!

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*You can also watch Mr. Kennedy’s historic speech, below!

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We the undersigned individuals, of our own free wills and minds, demand that YouTube reinstate Bobby Kennedy’s historic speech given at St. Anselm’s College NH Institute of Politics on March 3, 2023.

Petition Background

It’s a tradition spanning over a century, that New Hampshire kicks-off the national Democratic primary for President. On March 3rd, 2023 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. came to our great state and gave an historic speech at St. Anselm’s College to defend our right to not be cast aside by the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Kennedy also stated he was “thinking about” running for President of the United States.

Two days later, when an attempt was made to upload this speech to YouTube, Mr. Kennedy’s speech was immediately censored and de-platformed by YouTube, according to NH Journal. In fact, when Jason Cotes of Manchester Public TV Service (MPTS) tried to post Kennedy’s speech, YouTube would not allow it. “MPTS has recorded more than 100 wonderful NHIOP events, and I cannot recall this happening before,” said Cotes.

The Director of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics (NHIOP) at St. Anselm College, Neil Levesque, has spoken out against YouTube’s decision. “This was a political and public policy speech that Youtube has censored,” said Levesque.

In his speech, Mr. Kennedy committed his support towards New Hampshire maintaining its rightful place in the Democratic primary process. He also reviewed his decades of work as an environmentalist with Riverkeepers – protecting the Hudson River – and highlighted the importance of election integrity, problems with Big Tech censorship, and the attack on working class people- among other topics. Since he also spoke about his findings on childhood vaccination, YouTube refuses to allow his speech to be viewed, and his voice to be heard. Kennedy’s team has stated he is suing YouTube.

Please sign this important petition and join in our call to demand YouTube stops manipulating the process of our elections by censoring the voices they don’t want to hear. Let Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s speech be heard by all so everyone can judge for themselves what is true and what is false!

All Americans can sign this petition. Sign and share today – for free speech!

*Watch a version of the banned video, which all Americans should see:



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