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Founded in 2016. We are a local and grassroots group, challenging ourselves and our communities to improve health and freedom. Organizers have a strong desire to share information and facilitate awareness; expose and counter government, medical overstep and corruption; motivate efforts and activism, preserve rights and stop mandates.

— Health Freedom New Hampshire:  In truth, in health, and in freedom.Goals

  1. Raise awareness of health risks and rights.
  2. Protect human rights in NH including informed consent and medical privacy.
  3. Call for scientific integrity.
  4. Foster community.

Social media accounts — #healthfreedomnh

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Join us. Help restore health freedom in New Hampshire.

more specific goals:

  • abolish fluoridation of New Hampshire public water
  • eliminate vaccine mandates (& protect pets too)
  • make freedom in health choices a NH value
  • support neighboring states defending health freedoms
  • strengthen communications & build community
  • create free educational events across the state
  • support/advocate for human rights
  • restore medical, scientific truth & integrity

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